Day 1-Nov. 29 (Monday)

Poster Paper Session:
Time: 08:00-09:50 (GMT+0)
           16:00-17:50 (GMT+8)

Room: Meeting Room A

The authors of Poster Paper should log in to the individual Google Meeting Room at Time: 08:00-09:50 (GMT+0)16:00-17:50 (GMT+8) and share your posters.
The  attendees can leave questions to the authors in the discussion plane directly.

Research on the Effectiveness of Improving Learning Aurora Astronomy Based on Augmented Reality Mobile Learning

Shih-Yeh Chen, Ying-Hsun Lai, Chin-Feng Lai, Patrick C. K. Hung and Pan Li –

Introduce Project-oriented Learning based on STEM in Intelligent Agriculture Practice Course

Hsin-Te Wu –

Developing Teaching Aids for Creative Teaching Methods based on STEM Concepts

Hsin-Te Wu –

Effects of computational thinking concept into nurse training course

Pei-Hsuan Lin, Po-Sen Huang, Ying Geng and Yueh-Min Huang –

Exploring students’ flow experience and cognitive load for botany education based on augmented reality technology

Chia-Chen Chen, Zhu Lu and Pei-Hsuan Lin –

A Study of the Key Success Factors of e-learning platform 

Kuo Cheng Chung –

A study on the quality of teaching service, satisfaction and repurchase intention to relearn in the environment of virtual and real integration

Kuo Cheng Chung –

Adaptive E-Learning strategy application: The Example of Google Meet

Kuo Cheng Chung –

Factors of customer intention to purchase in VR stores

Kuan-Yu Lin and Kuo-Lun Hsiao –

The effects of an online coding platform on students’ learning anxiety, self-efficacy, and performance

Kuo-Lun Hsiao and Ya-Yuan Ku –

The effects of flipped learning and adaptive instruction on computer programming learning performance

Wen-Chiao Hsu and Kuo-Lun Hsiao –

Prediction Machines: Explainable AI (XAI) and its Framework with Python Development 

Mu-Yen Chen –

Investigating the Learning Effectiveness based on Explainable AI (XAI) Framework and Intelligent Robot

Mu-Yen Chen  –